Saturday, July 14, 2012

To you the reader

This is just a quick note to all of those who keep popping in for a quick read.  I have been quite busy with life outside of the world wide web.  I still read all of your comments and find inspiration from all of the good comments you leave behind.  For those who are wondering where I have been or are wondering what has been keeping me busy; well the quick answer is that I have been working on a music project.  Yes that means I am in a band.  I am drumming for a bunch of guys and finding it difficult to keep up with all of my passions.

Hopefully you leave behind a little note for me; but in any case I am trying to find more time to write for anyone willing to stop by and have a read.  Forgive me if I keep this post short, all of you deserve more to read and discuss.  Thank you all for stopping by and God bless.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Author's Note

Before I go rambling on again...I have to thank those readers who have come by and read my tale.  Even though I am still completing the story, I will not be posting another episode at this time.  Instead, I will be posting a short story that I have in the works.  I haven't decided when I will post the first episode yet.  But it will be in the near future.  Thanks again to those who have stopped by looking for more of this story, after I have finished the story I will print off a limited run of soft cover books.  Until then I hope you will enjoy what I have posted and look forward to my up and coming short story.  Happy reading.  =)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Road to War ... Part 5

He woke up to seeing two men standing over him and he tried to jump back but the stump he was lying up against prevented him from moving very far. The last thing he remembered was charging on two unsuspecting travellers on horseback. He thought they might be messengers but the number of travellers between Rosh and Grenfell had dwindled since he was assigned raiding duties at this point on the road.

“Who are you?” the bandit asked.

“Right now you can consider us your god” Adam said. “Whether you live or die is in our hands right now.”

“W-w-what!” the bandit exclaimed.

“We know you are working for someone else” Dustin began. “We want to know where we can find him.”

“W-w-what!” the bandit exclaimed again.

Adam hit him over the head again with a piece of a large branch and knocked him out again.

“We’re not going to get very much out of him” Corcoran said.

“We’ll just have to tied him up and drag him with us” Adam said harshly. “I’ll get the rope.”

Adam tied him up and they started back on their way to Rosh. The journey would take a bit longer with the bandit in tow but at least they would have a better chance of find the thieves den with the bandit.

“What are we going to do with him after we get to Rosh?” Dustin asked.

“He won’t be with us when we get to Rosh” Adam said. “When we get to the last clearing before Rosh we are going to let him wake up and leave. He won’t even see us. We’ll follow him back to the thief’s liar and we will worry about the perils of entering the liar when we get to that part. Just be prepared for a fight. Corcoran we are going to need you to stay visible unless you know how to make us all invisible so we can find the leader of this pack of bandits.”

“I can only make one person invisible at a time” Corcoran said as he put his hood up and disappeared. He reappeared right after he took the hood of his cloak off.

“OK let’s get moving” Adam said after tying up the bandit. “We don’t have much of the sun left. We should get to the next clearing soon.”

Come back for more from part 5